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  • Indoor5.0 - RFID Laundry Tracking System

Indoor5.0 - RFID Laundry Tracking System

Functional features are reported on a single Dashboard such as; tracking the textile products go and come to the laundry, counting items as real time, showing how many times the textile products are washed and calculate the product life..


Track and manage your textile products with RFID technology.

24/7 Tracking

Follow your textile products continuously.

Audible Warning

Create an audible alert in case of lost, stolen and relocated.


Report inventory numbers and locations based on time.

RFID Laundry Tracking System Features

  • Inventory Registration System
  • Inventory Search System
  • Inventory density maps
  • Reports of time spending for assets in laundry

RFID Laundry Tracking System Features

  • Creating an alarm on the Dashboard (For example, sending the alarm to the relevant person generated on the Dashboard when a textile product leaves from the laundry)
  • Determination of the number of lost and illegal assets (for asset tracking)
  • Audio and light warning system (information about counting the textile assets for the worker who brings the asset to the laundry room)
  • Displaying the textile products in the relevant laundry by searching the asset